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24-Hr Video Surveillance Decal


  • 8" W x 2.6" H
  • 9" W x 2.93" H
  • 10" W x 3.25" H
  • 11" W x 3.58" H
  • 12" W x 3.9" H
  • 13" W x 4.23" H
  • 14" W x 4.55" H
  • $3.00

  • 2+ $2.85
  • 5+ $2.70
  • 10+ $2.55
  • 25+ $2.10
  • 50+ $1.65

Explanation on Vinyl Lettering

Unlike many forms of 'printed' signage, our Business Stickers are not printed, rather, they are cut. What this means is that each letter, number, punctuation, and/or graphic elements are individually cut, using a state-of-the-art vinyl cutting machine.

The major significance is that because all of the letters are cut, the background of the sign is effectively the surface onto which you apply the decals.

So when you are choosing your vinyl lettering color, please make sure to choose a color that is most contrasted from the surface to which these decals are applied.

Do I have to install each and every letter individually?

Gosh no, that would be an absolutely nightmare to align and space out each letter correctly.

The entire design is affixed via a single sheet of transfer tape that holds the letters in place. You install the entire design as one single piece and then remove the transfer tape, leaving just the letters and shapes on the surface.

Is vinyl lettering the same thing as window cling?

No. Vinyl lettering is cut from adhesive vinyl material and sticks on like any other sticker. Window clings (or static clings) do NOT have adhesive, thus are not for permanent and/or outdoor usage. Our vinyl lettering are durable and long lasting.

At StickerTitans, we use Oracal 651 for our vinyl lettering signage.

Oracal 651 Specs

  • Finish: Gloss
  • Adhesive: Solvent-based Permanent - PERFECT FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USES!
  • Indoor Durability: 10+ Years
  • Outdoor Durability: 6+ Years
  • Removable: Yes
  • Repositionable: No
  • Thickness: 2.5 mil
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application: Originally designed for fleet vehicle graphics. Perfect choice for cars, trucks, and windows!
  • 100%
  • 0%
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Vinyl Lettering products are not printed, rather they are CUT.

With this product, you are choosing the color of your vinyl letters and shapes (borders, accent pieces). Once the item is installed and the transfer tape removed, the application surface (door, glass, window, etc) becomes the background.

Our Color Selection:

Choose inside for longevity.

Choose outside for most visibility (especially if you have tinted glass).


Even if your windows do not appear tinted, placing the decal on the inside face of the glass will reduce its visibility.

If you wish to have greatest amount of visibility from the sign, we recommend that you place this on the OUTSIDE face of the door / window.