About Us


First off, let us start by thanking you for visiting our website and (hopefully) purchasing one of our awesome decals and signs!

Who are we?

We are a group of friends and family members who decided to pitch in and start a sticker website. Many of us are from artistic backgrounds, some from business background, and even one guy who dropped out of medical school to spread his artsy wings (you know who you are).

Why did we start

Well, many of us have 10+ years of working experience in the real world, working for various companies, organizations, and businesses. As all of you can relate to, working for and under someone can sometimes stunt our own growth. We decided to band together and start our own thing because instead of relying on a check every 2 weeks, all responsibility and accountability would be on us.

Only time will tell if our hopes can bloom to fruition, but we know that in order for us to survive and thrive, we really only need to focus on a few things:

  • Creating innovative design
  • Making the highest quality stickers and signs
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Being responsible to our environment

Where are we located?

We create and ship all of our decals, stickers, and signs from Duluth, GA, approximately 20 minutes north of downtown Atlanta. However, because we are an exclusively online retailer, you can really think of us as being everywhere. We ship via the USPS to all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, Guam, and Washington DC. On a daily basis, we get to communicate with and serve customers from Fairbanks, AK to Honolulu, HI. It's one the cool perks of the job.

Why choose StickerTitans?

We're glad you asked!!

First of all, you won't find prices that will beat ours. We buy all of our vinyl material in BULK so we have a competitive edge over other sticker retailers. Also, because we are partnership comprised of several members, we all contribute to keep the entire overhead and operating expenses at a minimum... which all equates to savings for you!

When you are purchasing a sticker or decal from an online retailer like us, you're not really paying for the vinyl material. That stuff (in bulk) is so inexpensive that it may as well be negligible. What you are actually paying for is the human labor in designing, creating, cutting, weeding, and packaging the decals. 

Although all of us value our time and efforts, many of us have abandoned our VERY WELL PAYING corporate jobs to do something that belong to us.  We just love making stickers. And we're really good at it.

So as the troublemaker-in-chief of our band of sign making hoodlums, I invite you to give us a chance. Let us create some professional, value-adding signage to further you and your business. Thank you.

Do you need to contact us?

You can reach one of our friendly customer service members by calling us at 470-585-2229 during our usual business hours of Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm EST. Or you can email us at: